Hindu Priest in Plano Texas

​​Well learned Vedic Scholars and Ghanapaadikals availalbe in Texas.  We are based in Plano, Texas but travel accross USA for all kind of Hindu Religious Services.

Right from Upanayanam to Wedding and later we provide our best services.  No Compromise on Vedic Rituals and Sampradaayams.

Iyer Vaadhyaar (Vadhyar), Iyengar Vaadhyaar (Vadhyar) and Vadhyar for Smarthas, Vaishnavas, Madhwa, Vaideeki, and any sub sects available.

We are not restricted to only South Indian Community but vastly cater to the North Indians as well.


Contact for Veda Paaraayanam any where in USA.

Special Homams / Havans for all occassions:

We provide our clients authentic religious and spiritual services by providing best Priests and Vedic Scholars to fulfill the rituals as per our Vedas and Sastras. Special Homams as per client requirement can be arranged within their budgets.

We do special Parihaara Homams and Japams recommended by the Astrologers.

Last Rites and Shraadam in USA :

Also Hindu Priests available for Shraadhams (Shraad) and Final Rites.  We take complete contracts for the Thirteen day Ceremony including Pagdi Rasam.  Final / Last Rites are conducted by learned Priests with full Vedic Rituals. 
For Last Rites and Shraadam -  Contact


Narayana Bali Pooja which is very rare in USA is performed by us with full Rituals.  Contact us for Narayana Bali Pooja and Tila Homam throughout USA.

We Speak the following Languages:  English, Tamil, Hindi and Marathi.