Our Services

We provide Priest services in USA for all kind of Hindu Ceremonies, Rituals and Functions.   Contact to Book Priest ​​

Are you searching or looking for 'Hindu Priest in Texas', 'Hindu Priest in Plano', 'Telugu Priest in New York', 'Tamil Priest in Dallas', 'Veda Paaraayanam', 'Veda Parayanam' ....... You have reached the perfect place !!
We cater to all the States accross USA and provide Religious Services through Hindu Priests.  Our major presence being in - Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Massachuttes and New Mexico.

Whether it is Yajur Veda Priests or Sama Veda Priests we have all in One place.

We are one of the best service providers to bring you’re Event / Ceremony live and create a magical spell with a memory etched in minds and hearts of you’re guests forever. 

All services are as per Religious tradition, Shaastras and Sampradaayas, to the entire satisfaction of our clients to ensure the delivery of an exhilarating experience of the event within their budgets.

Our wide range of services include:
1.   Weddings
2.   Betrothal Ceremony (Nitchiya Thamboolam / Sagaai / Sagayi).
3.   House Warming Ceremony (Gruha Pravesh)
4.   Valai Kaapu / Srimandham (Baby Shower)
5.   Upanayanam / Poonal (Thread Ceremony)
6.   Vaastu Pooja (Ground Breaking Ceremony)
7.   Aayush Homam
8.   Peyar chuttal (Naming Ceremony)
9.   Anna Praashanam
10. Shastiabdhapoorty (60th Birth Anniversery)
11. Sathabhishekam     (80th Birth Anniversery)
12. Parihara Poojas / Astrologer advised Poojas
13. Parihara Homam / Havan
14. Satyanarayana Pooja

Special Homams / Havans for all occassions:

We provide our clients authentic religious and spiritual services by providing best Priests and Vedic Scholars to fulfill the rituals as per our Vedas and Sastras. Special Homams as per client requirement can be arranged within their budgets.


Also Hindu Priests available for Shraadhams (Shraad) and Final Rites.  We take complete contracts for the Thirteen day Ceremony including Pagdi Rasam.  Final / Last Rites are conducted by learned Priests with full Vedic Rituals.  For Priests -  Contact

We Speak the following Languages:   English, Tamil, Hindi and Marathi.