Ticketing & Travels

We at Aanandham events have a dedicated Tickets, Travels and Tours division that ensures your travel experience is comfortable and most importantly tailored as per your requirement. Be it a work venture, business, leisure, event related or personal trip, we cater to all your needs and carefully select your itenary for a hasslefree travel experience.

Booking tickets is a challenge these days when airlines out-do each other by cut throat margins by offering "Best Rates" to customers. However these so called "Best rates"come with tons of hidden conditions and inconvinience and this is realised only during actual travel. May it be destination change, date of travel, preferred seat / number, meal choices, connecting flights options, waiting / transit time, baggage allowance, assistance services etc., its an endless list that a traveller and airline always clash upon.

The services we provide are completely transparent and are done both for individuals and groups.

Our range of services include:

Tickets - Airline (Domestic& International), Bus and Train Tickets
Cab Services (Local & International)
Hotel Bookings Worldwide (As preferred)
***Tailoured Sight Seeing Tours / Packages***

***Memorable Vacation Packages***
***Specialized Honeymoon Packages***
Out station travels
Visa application services
Airport assistance services
For Bookings & Enquiries